Dog Started A Fire By Turning On The Stove

by Alessia

A New Jersey dog started a fire by turning on the stove when no one was home with him. Smoke was seen coming from the Lacey Township home and firefighters went in to put the fire out. The dog was not harmed luckily, and the cause of the fire is thought to be due to a laptop that was on top of the stove, which caught fire once the dog turned the stove on by accident.

Though this story ended well considering the situation, this could have been avoided by safety locks or a barrier in front of the dials of the stove. If your dog roams the house freely and is tall enough to reach dangerous objects or the stove dials, consider some kind of safety dog-proofing to keep both your dog and family safe. Gates to the kitchen could be an option, or if you don’t want that type of obstacle, locks or shields are sold for baby-proofing the home. Other areas of the kitchen that should be handled with safety in mind are the garbage (in case there’s something harmful that your dog can get a hold of), knives and silverware, chemicals, and the dishwasher (if left open, the dog could lick soap, food that is harmful to him, or cut himself on a knife inside). Even if your dog isn’t very pesky, accidents happen so it’s better to be safe.

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