Dog Steals False Teeth… Hilarious Photos Ensue

by Melissa Keen

Let’s face it we all love a funny dog story… and this one is a belter.

Cheeky pup Luna, who belongs to Anna Carolina Lima, gave everyone belly laughs after she was caught stealing some false teeth… cue some hilarious photos!

Owner Anna & cheeky pup Luna (photos by Anna Carolina Lima)

Anna adopted Luna after finding her on the streets of Brazil; she decided to give her a loving forever home.

The dentures in question belong to Anna’s gran, who was looking after her while Anna went shopping.

Anna’s gran took her daily nap and, as always, took her dentures out and placed them under her pillow. Only, they weren’t there when she woke…

What followed was hours of searching for the missing teeth, until finally they noticed Luna’s grin was far toothier than usual.

Fortunately, Luna didn’t put up much of a fight and she happily handed over the dentures – where we assume they were vigorously scrubbed to within an inch of their life!

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