Dog Transforms a Man with Alzheimer’s

by Alessia

This video is witness to the way in which a dog transforms a man with Alzheimer’s. Lisa’s dad had advanced Alzheimer’s, which has resulted in a loss of his speech almost entirely. His ability to find the words he needs and form sentences¬†has been compromised by this disease, resulting in a loss of communication. However, Lisa’s dad goes through a miraculous transformation when he is around his daughter’s dog, Roscoe. The German Shepherd Lab is three years old, and when he’s around Lisa’s father, he doesn’t see a disease, he just wants to play! Lisa caught some of the precious time that Roscoe and her father spent together on video so we can all now witness even further the power of the canine. Around Roscoe, Lisa’s dad seems to noticeably change, forming coherent sentences effortlessly in order to communicate with Roscoe.


And it’s not just Roscoe that triggers this miracle, Lisa’s dad has two dogs, one of which always seems to ease his ability to communicate and is his constant companion.

This video is just so cool. Dogs are the ultimate healers, amazing providers of unconditional love, and the greatest companions of all time, and the fact that they can affect a disease that is so cruel and crushing can help researchers leaps and bounds in understanding how this disease affects the human brain. Amazing stuff.

Alessia xx

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