Dog Walking In Boots

by Alessia

When it was cold outside, me and my dad tried to get Lucas to wear boots for the snow and rain so that his little tootsies wouldn’t be freezing. He absolutely hated them. First, he thought that they were toys so it took forever to get them on his paws while he was biting at them. After we got them on, they were ripped off in seconds and he made of with them. If you’re lucky enough to have a normal dog that won’t rip off the boots you put on him, maybe you’re also lucky enough to have a dog that will walk on all four paws like usual with them on. Chances are though, your dog will walk a little bit like this dog walking in boots in this video, because for some reason, dogs freak the crap out when they’re put into shoes. Hilarity ensues.

Alessia xx

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