Doggy Daycare 101

by Nancy Boland

The very first doggy daycare centres first began appearing around ten years ago, and were mainly restricted to London and other large cities. However, doggy daycare as a concept is growing in popularity all across the country now, and you will often find doggy daycare centres in small towns and rural areas.

So, what exactly is doggy daycare? Well, it is like a crèche for your dog! Still confused?

What is doggy daycare?

Doggy daycare can best be explained as a short-term boarding service for dogs. Usually, dogs will stay for the day (such as the duration of their owner’s work day), being dropped off in the morning and collected at night, although care of just a few hours at a time may also be offered. The focus of the centre is on play, activity, exercise, and keeping the dogs entertained with a range of different play environments for dogs, including an outdoor play area, inside toys and playgrounds.

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How does it work?

Generally, you will be asked to take your dog along to the premises by appointment before you wish to book them in, so that your dog can meet the staff, see the environment and be assessed for suitability. You will also usually have to provide evidence of your dog’s vaccinations and health records. Once both you, your dog and the staff of the facility are all happy to go ahead, your dog will be enrolled within the centre, and you can arrange your future bookings when it suits you. You may book your dog in well in advance, or set up a regular schedule for care during your working hours.

What are the benefits?

For friendly, sociable dogs, doggy daycare can provide a great opportunity to meet new people, play, socialise with other dogs, and work off excess energy! If your dog is staying home alone during your working week, bored and lonely then these daycare facilities can be essential. Your dog can enjoy his time away from the home and interact with other dogs, gaining much needed stimulation, while you can remain guilt free at work knowing he is happily entertained. Some facilities even offer training services and specialist care for dogs if requested, although this invariably comes with an additional charge.

Is it a good idea for my own dog?

If your work commitments or other commitments mean that you need to leave your dog alone for more than four hours a day, doggy daycare is one of the potential options that you can consider to provide care for them in your absence. It is infinitely preferable to leaving your dog unsupervised for long periods of time, and eliminates guilt you have about leaving them alone at home all day. Ultimately, it is up to the temperament of your dog and the facilities you have available.

For more information on Chelsea Dogs doggy daycare, give them a call on 0208 741 1978 or email dogschelsea(@)

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