Doggy taste test: with Tribal Pet Foods

by Bronwyn Hall

Anybody who speaks to me for a time exceeding 30 seconds will know that I have a 15 month old Chihuahua, Dexter. Anybody who meets Dexter will know right off the bat that he loves to eat. Yes, don’t let his stature fool you – what he lacks in size he certainly makes up for in appetite. So when we were asked to review some dog treats made by nutritious-conscious brand Tribal Pet Foods, we jumped at the chance (literally, in Dexters case). Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset   Tribal are an independent, British manufacturer of high quality, veterinary approved dog foods and so I was pretty excited to see what Dexter would make of their treats. I chose two different flavours for him; the first was a classic sounding chicken and flaxseed as I wanted to try Dex with something I know he likes but see if the super healthy addition of flaxseed made a difference. My second choice was slightly more adventurous: coconut, banana and peanut butter which sounded so divine I thought I could probably munch down on them myself (don’t worry – I didn’t)!   First up: chicken and flaxseed     Good for:

  • Contains natural sources of omega-6 which is essential for maintaining healthy skin and a shiny coat

Dexter’s ears pricked up the moment he heard me tearing open the handy resealable pouch and before I had brought out the first bone shaped treat he was on his hind legs. I was amazed at the quality of these biscuits; they’re generous in size and with a great texture (think Scottish shortbread) too. Dexter scurries off – treat in mouth – to the furthest corner of the room and I watch with bated breath. At first my small-mouthed Chi doesn’t quite know what to do with this sturdy treat; it’s larger than the ones we usually give him and requires a little work on his part. However, it isn’t long before he starts chowing down and makes light work of all the small pieces he breaks off; then he’s back for more!   Next: coconut, banana and peanut butter       Good for:

  • The coconut oil is a great source of the rare MCT fatty acids which can not only help improve a dogs metabolism but can also improve a dogs ability to learn

These too come in a great resealable pouch and again we are treated to a beautiful – almost crumbly – texture. I am so intrigued by this flavour that I give them a little sniff and I can just about smell the coconut coming through; in fact they smell like freshly baked coconut biscuits. Again, Dexter waits not-so-patiently on his hind legs for me to hand him this next treat. As soon as he gets it in his mouth he drops it again, ‘That’s not chicken.’ I can almost hear him thinking, ‘That’s not beef or lamb either.’ I move to take it away but he grabs it and darts in the other direction. I then watch as he gives his little biscuit a good sniff and a couple of licks and then all at once he lays on the floor – clasping it in his claws – and starts breaking chunks off. These healthy and nutritious treats have proved a hit with my little foodie, Dexter. With absolutely nothing artificial and made with human grade ingredients it is little wonder that he made fast work of them! Even what I would consider a more adventurous flavour won him over and with the gorgeous, easy to read and helpful packaging, I’m pretty happy too!

It took countless attempts to get Dex to STAY while these tasty treats were just inches away.

It took countless attempts to get Dex to STAY while these tasty treats were just inches away.


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