Dogs and Bed Bugs

by Alessia

Ok, so this is a super gross topic, but with bed bugs popping up in all types of places these days, it is important to know the facts about dogs and bed bugs. The yes or no answer to “can dogs get bed bugs” is really no. Bed bugs are not engineered like fleas and ticks to make their way through fur, however, your dog may be affected, in which case, you have a huge bed bugs problem!

Bed bugs prefer feeding off of humans, so if you find bed bugs in your dog or cat bed, you have a major infestation as that means there is not enough room for them all in your human bed. In this case, the dryer is your best friend. To kill adult bed bugs and their eggs, throw your dogs bed or the slip cover (this can be done with your human bedding as well, obviously) into the dryer for thirty minutes, and the heat will kill the bugs. After doing so you can of course wash everything and dry it again, but the dryer first will kill all of the bugs.


A good thing to know, is that dogs can actually sniff out a single bed bug. Some dogs are trained in this field to examine places where bed bugs could possibly be an issue, such as hotels. Your dog may not be trained to do so, but if they seem to be overly sniffing your bed or their own for no other apparent reason, keep an eye out for bed bugs. Reliable internet sources can educate you as to what bed bugs look like (I am not going to be that source for you as just writing this is making me itchy), and other symptoms that are associated with an infestation. Do not let your bed bug issue go so far as to affect your dog, because that’s when it’s very bad. Call a specialist to rid your home of bed bugs if it gets to that point.

If you think you have come across bed bugs outside the home, for example, waking up with bites in a hotel, ask to switch rooms and have them inspect the bedding, and make sure to unpack your luggage outside the home and put everything in the dryer immediately to kill the bugs and prevent them from entering your home. Resolve the issue before it has a chance to effect your family, and especially your dog.

Alessia xx

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