Dog’s bark can give away their age and sex

by Bronwyn Hall

A dog’s bark can give away vital information on their age and sex, it has been revealed.

Researchers from the Technical University of Madrid and the Eotvos Lorand University released the findings from a recent study. The Independent had reported that the researchers had developed a computer program which could determine the sex and age of a dog through only it’s bark.

barking dog

The scientists analysed 800 barks recorded from eight dogs in seven different situations. From this, they were able to predict the age and sex of the dog. In fact, Z News reported that  the researchers were able to recognise the sex of the dog 85.13 per cent of the time and the age 80.25 per cent of cases.

It is hoped that these results, along with further research, will be able to help veterinarians to diagnose canine problems quickly and more effectively.

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