How Dogs Become Man’s Best Friend

by Alessia

This week’s comic explains in a nutshell how a dog becomes man’s best friend. It’s pretty simple really, humans do everything for their dogs because they love them. As I type this, Lucas is leaning all of his thirty pounds on my right arm (so really I’m typing with one hand), but it’s ok, because I love him. And when I take him out for a walk in a few minutes and he drags me around the neighborhood chasing cats and sniffing every single blade of grass, I will still pick up after him and extend the walk because I know he is having tons of fun frolicking outside in the sun. I love him, the same way every other dog owner loves their furry friend. Lucas is a pain in the butt most of the time; he’s annoying, he’s loud, and he constantly steals my shoes and tissues out of the garbage, but I love him, so he is my best friend. Who says dogs are the only ones who love unconditionally? I think humans do too.

Alessia xx


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