Dog’s Die In Hot Cars | Don’t Cook Your Dog

by Nancy Boland

Dog’s Die In Hot Cars . The majority of dog owners know it is unacceptable to leave a dog in a hot car. But what should you do if you see someone else has left their dog in a car when the temperatures hot? Break a window? Phone emergency services? Time is crucial for a dog trapped inside a hot car, so it’s important to act quickly, and often the best action to take is the one your instinct tells you.

Dog's Die In Hot Cars

In Case Of An Emergency

Naturally, you need to see if the owner of the animal and car are close by and then make sure they realise the seriousness of the situation and conditions their pet has been left in. It only takes around 20 minutes for a dog to die in a hot car so the question of how long it would take for the emergency services to arrive can be a real issue so if the dog you find shows signs of being there for a while, eg) excessive panting to the point of wheezing and whimpering then act immediately.

To Break a Car Window or Not to Break it?

The question on everyones lips in these circumstances is, is it acceptable Many believe this could be the wrong thing to do because it would technically still be “criminal damage”. However, according to the law there is what’s known as the “Good Samaritan” clause and if a pet’s life is in the balance, then a concerned party could break the window to rescue it and do so with impunity.

General Advice

Never think it is safe to leave a dog in a parked car even if this is only for a few minutes – the temperature in a car can reach 47 degrees when the outdoor temperature is only 22 degrees. Even if the temperature outside is not that hot and you have parked your vehicle in the shade with the windows down – this does not make it any safer for your dog to be left.

• If you see a dog or other animal in a parked car and the weather is warm, call the non emergency Police number (101) and the RSPCA immediately. If the dog looks in a lot of distress, don’t waste time worrying about what to do, break the window and rescue the dog.

• An animal that’s overheated needs to be cooled down as quickly and as safely as possible. They need to be put in the shade and a cool towel or cloth gently rubbed all over their bodies to bring their body temperature down.

• If you have to travel anywhere with a pet in the car always leave a window slightly open so fresh air circulates around the vehicle as you drive along will help your pets stay cooler.

• Always travel with plenty of fresh water in the car and make lots of breaks en route so your dog gets to stretch their legs, drink some water and to cool off – it is really important for dogs to drink lots of water when they travel because dehydration can occur very easily.

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