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by Reena Bakir
dogs and horses

Devoted to building the finest handmade dog accessories in the world, Dogs & Horses established themselves in 2006 and dedicated their goal to the creation of high-end leather collars and leads. Finding the perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship with a touch of individuality, Dogs & Horses have managed to create fashionable products of the highest quality and most distinctive style!

Read on to find out more about the brand and check out some of their finest products!

About The Brand

dogs and horses

Merging their unique concepts of design, style and fashion with luxury leather materials, Dogs & Horses have been pursuing their mission of staying true to long-established means of craftsmanship and adding their own special flair to the mix. Since their establishment, Dogs & Horses have grown in popularity due to the high demand of pet owners to their unique high quality products that are guaranteed to stand the test of time!


Mainly concerned with the creation of practical accessories for dogs and owners, Dogs & Horses produce high end collars, leads and sets of both, allowing you to mix n match or find the perfect pair for your dog!

Black With Brass Rolled Leather Dog Collar 

dogs & horses

This stylish black rolled dog collar by Dogs & Horses is sleek with elegance and opulence. Featuring striking brass fittings and buckle, the collar exudes luxury and adds style to everyday wear.  Constructed from super soft napa leather and filled with pliable foam, this collar guarantees comfort to your pooch’s neck! The rolled form of this collar makes it ideal for long haired dogs as it prevents knotting or twisting around their fur. The collar comes in eight amazing sizes, and can be adjusted to fit properly around your dog’s neck.

Luxury Red Leather Hound Collar 

Dogs & Horses

Specifically catered to Hound dogs, the construction of this collar is manufactured to provide the perfect comfortable fit for Whippets, Greyhounds, Lurchers and other long-neck breeds! Coming in a fun bright red leather combined with a luxurious fine brown hide leather, this collar’s beautiful contemporary design and top quality materials makes it a favorite pick for most dog owners! It comes in four different sizes.

Luxury Padded Leather Dog Collar and Lead Set Blue

dogs & horsesCombining beautiful design with traditional craftsmanship, this modish blue padded leather dog collar and lead set is constructed from the finest brown saddlery leather and lined with soft blue leather, adding a unique touch! The collar and lead are made using top-grain leather straps which are then padded with foam for extra comfort. The rolled edges of the collar will eliminate breakage of your dog’s coat.

Multi-Purpose Leather Dog Training Lead Tan

dogs & horsesSpecifically tailored as a training lead, this luxury Multi-Purpose leather lead in tan has been historically used by police and army dog handlers. Due to its versatility, this lead is highly demanded by most dog owners, as it allows you to walk your dog hands-free while simultaneously doing other things, such as pushing a pram or running. The length of the lead can be fully adjusted, and can stretch up to 6 feet, allowing you to control how close or far you want your dog to walk. The lead is made from pre-stretched polyster code stitched with soft leather.

There’s More

There are many more products by Dogs & Horses in a range of designs and styles at our store here!

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