What does your dog’s name mean?

by Bronwyn Hall

Have you ever wondered what your dog’s name means? Or maybe you’ve just brought home a new pup in desperate need of a name that fits? Well, look no further – here are some of the most popular dog names and their meanings!


A wanderer. For the dog who roams the neighbourhood wandering around at his own leisure.


A strong, masculine name. Trusted guardian of others property.


Related names: Maxwell, Maximillian. The greatest.


Beautiful. For the dog who is sure to turn heads as she walks down the street.


Irish for ‘Mary’. Meaning wished-for. Also meaning rebellion or bitter.

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Strong and playful. For an excitable and robust pooch.


Originally from the occupational surname meaning ‘Baker.’ Also, the name of Ron Burgundy’s dog in ‘Anchorman.’


From ‘Sarah.’ Also, meaning ‘princess’ or one of royal status.


From the old English ‘hare wood.’ Meaning meadow.


From Greek and Scottish. Meaning: Pearl.

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Derived from an American nickname. Meaning a desire to lead and powerful.


Meaning strong female. Can also mean sorrow.

I hope that this helps you pick the right name for your four legged friend! And don’t forget, when you do pick the perfect moniker Chelsea Dogs has  all of your personalised dog items covered!

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