Dogs On Sleds

by Alessia

Not to be confused with sled dogs, this montage is of dogs on sleds having the time of their lives in the snow. I, on the other hand, swear that if one more centimeter of snow falls from the sky, I will lose it. Lucas is loving that the snow is starting to melt a little bit, which means he can actually do his business outside without falling through ten inches of snow while finding that “perfect spot” (how do dogs pick that spot anyways?). However, I think if he knew that he could have as much fun as these dogs on sleds, he’d wish for all of the snow to be back again. Advice to the viewer: watch this video on mute and play your favorite music in the background – the human voices, laughter, and squeals definitely take away from the cuteness of the little pooches who are living the best moments of their doggy lives. Just sayin’.

Alessia xx

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