Dogs On The Eurostar – Travelling With Your Pet To Europe

by Reena Bakir
travelling with your pet to europe

A hotspot for holidays, Europe has become a frequented vacation destination for families, friends and even individuals! With the variety of countries within the EU and the lovely sites filled with traditional history, breathtaking scenery or leisurely activities, travelling with your pet to Europe is a perfect way to bring your companion along for the trip!

The process of taking your pet to Europe has also become easier since 2016, allowing your pets to enjoy the travel with as little hassle as possible! However, there are some regulations to follow and some key things to keep in mind before setting off on your journey.

The First Steps

taking your pets to europe

Before your travel begins, there are essential steps and regulations to follow to ensure an easy travel experience.

  • Pet Passport. Every European national can travel freely with their pet into and out of the countries considering you are carrying this pet passport. Bringing your pets to Europe has become exponentially easier after the introduction of pet passports, saving you the previous hassle of endless paperwork and documentations. This documents can be issued by any authorized veterinarian, and should contain proof that your pet has received the necessary vaccinations.
  • Microchip. In order to enter the EU, your dog should have an EU-authorized microchip. This is to ensure that your pet does not get lost and to identify them correctly. The chip should be put at least 21 days before the date of travel.
  • Medications. All pets entering the EU should be vaccinated against rabies, and dogs should have tapeworm treatment.

Travel Arrangements

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It’s essential to ensure that your travel arrangements are all pet-friendly! Starting from your intended means of transport to your accommodation, it is necessary that all of your means of getting around and sleeping will allow you to bring your dog along for the trip.

Airline Pet Policies 

Airline pet policies differ depending on the individual airlines, as some may only allow pets to travel in cargo, in cabin or not at all! It is also usual for an extra fee to be charged for bringing a pet on board. Make sure you double check your airline’s pet policies before making your booking, and ensure that it suites your travelling needs! Air France, Lufthansa and British Airways are among the pet-friendly airlines you can choose to travel with!


Whether you’re stating at hotels, lodges, house or any other type of accommodation, it is necessary to make sure that your pets are allowed to sleep the night with you, as well as the number of pets and their size. Using AirBnB or can help you find pet-friendly accommodation easily, and allow you to choose the ones most fit for your stay.


Some owners opt for taking their preferred food with them during travel, especially if their pets are sensitive to certain types of food or are picky eaters. Packing your pet’s food, as well as other essentials such as shampoos or accessories, will definitely make the hassle of finding these items in a foreign country unnecessary!

Enjoy your trip!

Whether you’re basking in the sun on the beaches of Ibiza or enjoying the intrinsic history of Italy and France, make sure your pet remains by your side at all times, and allow them to enjoy the vacation just as much you will!

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