If Dogs Could Text

by Alessia

I stumbled upon this website this weekend, and can’t believe I’ve never seen it before now. It’s called Text From Dog, and is an entire web page dedicated to pictures of text screen shots between dog and owner. It’s pure magic, so funny, so true, and so clever. Lucas and I would have most of these conversations if he could talk or text, and just the amount of hilarity behind it makes me wish that dogs could talk because they would have such silly things to say. I scrolled down the site quite a bit reading these “texts”, but two of my favorites are the latest one posted:



and one of the ones pretty far down:



October Jones, the creator of the website, also put a bunch of these priceless texts, which can be purchased here and would make a great gift to any dog lover. Hint, hint, buy me a copy.

Alessia xx

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