Dogs Trust: 12 crazy reasons people rehomed dogs

by Bronwyn Hall

Dogs Trust is the biggest dog welfare charity in the UK. Founded in 1891, they now care for around 16,000 dogs between their twenty nationwide rehoming centres. Rehoming centres are scattered up and down the country. From Glasgow to Northern Ireland, Leeds to London, Salisbury to Shrewsbury and more!

Last month, Dogs Trust embarked on an edgy new campaign in the lead up to Christmas. They aimed to appeal to anyone who might thoughtlessly buy a dog which would later be abandoned. To further punctuate their famous slogan “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas”, 12 artworks were commissioned for city centres nationwide.

dogs trust

Dogs Trust UK

These artworks each depicted a different dog along with the real reason they were handed over to Dogs Trust. The reasons were:

– “He kept chasing frogs”
– “He looked different after we walked him in the rain”
– “He was too loving and needed too much attention”
– “I’m worried our toddler will copy him and poo in the garden”
– “He’s too playful – we haven’t sat down since we got him”
– “My dog is old and going to die soon”

dogs trust

Dogs Trust UK

– “He was scared of the cat next door ”
– “He barks every morning”
– “He wags his tail too much”
– “She seems hungry all the time and follows me around the house”
– “He kept coughing in the night and woke me up”
– “All the puppy did was sleep. We wanted a dog we could play with”

Dogs Trust had said that they had hoped that the visually striking campaign would be ingrained in people’s minds; encouraging them to think twice about dog ownership.


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