Dogs on a Water Slide

by Lucas

Now friends, I’ve talked about water before and why I don’t really love it, but the short version is that I just don’t like feeling like I’m going to drown because I can’t lift up my legs to walk all the way. That being said, I think I could get behind the idea of a water slide for sure. They’re much cooler, there’s not that much water on them so i won’t feel like I’m going to drown, and best of all, I don’t even have to use my legs, just my belly. This video here is a bit dragged out, but all of the other ones that I watched today were slides attached to a pool. That’s a big no no for me guys, I’m liking the idea of this slide just set up on the grass for pure enjoyment. No drowning, just wholesome puppy fun. I’m going to convince my humans to put one of these in our basement.


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