Doodlebone Funky Dog Harnesses, Collars and Leads

by Chelsea Dogs

Britain’s favourite funky dog brand, Doodlebone, have released their latest range of fabulous dog harnesses, collars and leads in a huge selection of bright and colourful patterns as well as their classic solid colours. All can be mixed and matched so you can create the perfect set for your dog. Let’s explore their new collection.

Up first, the most popular dog harness, the snappy. This harness is a step-in style so you do not need to put it over your dog’s head. Simply lay it on the floor, pop your dog’s two front paws in the holes and then simply pick the harness up and fasten it on the back. They have a strong velcro fastening plus a super strong nylon clip so you can be sure your dog will be safe and sound. Available in a large range of sizes, perfect for all breeds.

Doodlebone snappy harness

There are 11 solid colours and 11 fun patterns to choose from. Mix it up by having a pattern harness and pair with a solid lead or vice versa!

Doodlebone snappy dog harness

Next we have the classic airmesh dog harness. This harness goes over your dog’s head and then fastens on the chest with a strong claps. The chest strap is fully adjustable for the perfect fit. Ideal for dogs of all shapes and sizes including Dachshunds, Pugs and other breeds which can be tricky to fit.

Camo Airmesh dog harness

This smokey camo print is one of the most popular new prints in the range. Pair with a matching camo lead or a solid coal black lead. The choice is yours.

Remember we said these harnesses are great for Dachshunds? Here’s the proof:

Leopard print dog harness

Yes, of course leopard print was added to the new designs. Seen above in bright electric blue, Doodlebone also treated us to a pink version!

Doodlebone pink leopard airmesh dog harness

All 11 solid colours and 11 new funky patterns are available in Doodlebone’s collars, leads and boomerang harnesses too!

Doodlebone boomerang harness and collars

Have a look at all the different colours and patterns they have to offer. Which is your favourite?

To shop the entire collection of dog harnesses, collar, leads and other Doodlebone dog accessories, click here.

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