Doodlebone New Dog Coats 2018

by Reena Bakir
doodlebone's new coats

Looking for ways to keep your dog warm and protected this winter? The Doodlebone new dog coats 2018 collection has come just in time! Coming in a range of colors and serving different functions and purposes, these brand new Doodlebone coats are just what you need as the cold season settles in! Coming equipped with convenient harness holes, the jackets can easily be worn over your dog’s harness, making for an easy, warm walk!

At Chelsea Dogs, we offer a wide range of Doodlebone products, believing in the high quality and top grade manufacturing of the items they produce! Make sure to check out our entire Doodlebone collection, and read on to find out more about these luxurious coats fresh on the market!

Yellow Mac-in-a-Pack Dog Coat With Harness Hole

doodllebone-pac-in-a-mac-yellowIn striking sunshine yellow, this Doodlebone Mac-in-a-Pack is a smart way to keep your dog safe from wetness and rain this winter! This clever hooded water repellent mac for dogs is both lightweight and warm, making it especially comfortable for your canine. It comes with a harness hole, allowing for easy use while walking your dog, and can be easily tucked away into a zip up bag for extra convenience and transport wherever you go! It’s available in five sizes, making it easier to find the right size for your dog!

Blue Mac-in-a-Pack Dog Coat with Harness Hole

doodlebone mac in a pack

If you’re looking for a color that’s both stylish and modern, this blue Mac-in-a-Pack will be the perfect choice! Coming in a dark blue shade, this color is ideal for cold winters. This lightweight coat will provide no excess weight or discomfort for your dog, and if you sense rain starting to pour, you can simply lift the hood of this water repellent coat over your dog’s head and keep them safe from the water! It can be folded into a zip up bag for easy transport and can be taken with you almost anywhere to make sure you’re always ready for the weather.

Reversible Blue and Raspberry Combi-Puffer Dog Jacket with Harness Hole

reversible doodlebone jacketGet two beautiful colors in one with this Reversible Blue and Raspberry Combi-Puffer jacket by Doodlebone! Designed with the purpose of keeping your dog warm, cosy and safe on their walks, the coat is water repellent and comes equipped with reflective piping for extra security. Despite being lightweight, the material used for the coat is hard-wearing and guaranteed to last a lifetime of wear and tear. Due to its reversible nature, you can simply wear the coat inside out for a fun change of style! It comes with a harness hole, making it convenient for walking your dogs on a harness during the rain.

Purple Fleece Dog Jacket With Harness Hole

fleece doodlebone coatMade especially for comfort and warmth, this Doodlebone purple coat is the perfect outfit to keep your dog cosy in cold temperatures. The soft fleece fabric is coated with Teflon coating, ensuring that the coat is water repellent and can withstand wet weather. The coat comes with reflective piping for added safety, and has a harness hole for easy use while walking your dog.

There’s More!

Make sure to check out the entire Doodlebone dog coats 2018 collection at our store, and browse through the luxurious fits that will keep your pets warm this winter!

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