Durable Leather Dog Leads

by Reena Bakir

Leather does not only exude elegance and fashion, but it is also durable and flexible, making it one of the best materials for dog collars and leads! Because of this durability, leather dog leads are less likely to wear and tear easy, and can withstand the tough tugging of strong canines! Due to their undeniable style and luxurious aesthetic, leather dog leads have quickly gained popularity and have become highly requested products by most dog owners!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have leather dog leads coming in a range of styles, designs and colors, most of which are entirely handmade here in the UK! Moreover, many of our leads come with matching collars to create a perfect fit for your dog! Check out our leather dog leads at our store here.

Dogs & Horses Luxury Padded Leather Dog Leads Brown and Cream

luxury leather dog leadsPart of their Dogs & Horses new Colors collection, these leather dog leads are the perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. With leads manufactured from the finest saddlery leather, and a handle lined with soft leather in a choice of stylish-eye catching colors finished with solid brass fittings, this leather lead exudes style and luxury. Coming in a soft cream color, this lead is the perfect choice for any elegant pooch!

Mutts and Hounds Peacock Dog Lead

leather dog leadsThis stylish leather dog lead features a peacock linen paired with premium, dark, emerald Italian leather with a textured finish. The textured lead darkens and lightens with use, giving a unique beautiful patina. The finishings are cast with superior solid nickle, giving it the shiny silver finish which exudes luxury.

Kensington Pastel Leather Dog Lead White by Tagiffany

white leather dog leadsThis stunning Kensington Pastel leather dog lead is handcrafted from the finest Italian leather in the UK. The lead is fitted with high gloss chromium fittings, giving it a look of style and excellence. With its beautiful pastel white color which emits poise and elegance, this lead is perfect for any pampered pooch looking to strut a new special trend! The leather used is of the highest quality, and guarantees comfort and durability. You can also match the lead with an identical collar to complete the look!

Creature Clothes Red Leather Dog Lead

red leather dog leadsDeveloped to find the perfect lead for both human and dog, this Creature Clothes red leather lead is created for both comfort and security. Featuring a metal D ring join between the handle and the lead, this product gives more flexibility for movement while simultaneously allowing the lead to be clipped onto the shoulders or waist while your dog is moving. The lead itself measures to 1m long, and comes with either brass or silver studs, allowing you to customize your own special design.

Looking for more?

Looking for more high quality leather dog leads for your canine companion? Make sure you visit our store here and browse the wide selection of different designs and styles to find the perfect lead for your dog! Don’t forget to purchase a matching dog collar to go perfectly with your lead and make your dog strut in style!

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