If I had an emergency dog kit…

by Bronwyn Hall

Whilst talking with a colleague today, we got chatting about the delightful moment on a walk with your dog when they decide to get down and dirty with some especially stinky fox poo. Mmm-mmm! I know we all love those moments!

‘Do you carry wet wipes?’ She asked me. The answer was, of course, no. However, this idea sparked a totally new topic – what would we keep in our (imaginary) emergency dog kit?

So here for you are my top picks:

Wet wipes! Okay, this one is a bit of a cheat since we have already mentioned it but it has to be a top pick and not just during fox poo-gate either! Having a Chihuahua means some pretty itchy eyes (his, not mine) due to him being so close to the ground and his eyes being so big. Basically, dust is attracted to Dexter’s eyes like I am attracted to a big glass of wine after a long day (strongly). Wet wipes are great to give them a little wipe and clean them up!

Treats are great to keep on hand; whether to do a little spontaneous training or to try and act like a bribe if you’re struggling with a recall, they can be helpful! We all want to avoid our own ‘Fenton’ moments don’t we…?

Extra poop bags. Self-explanatory.



Fingerless gloves are a great addition to your kit as they are multi-use. These bad boys not only keep your hands warm but leave your fingers free so that you are able to open the aforementioned poop bags. You can’t do that with fully formed gloves, can you!?

Water is a must on most walks with your furry friend! Don’t underestimate how thirsty your dog might get while out with you. Considering there are now many portable water bowls or bottles on the doggy market there really is no excuse not to make sure your companion is well hydrated.

Chelsea Dogs

Chelsea Dogs

Hip flask is optional.

So there you have it folks, my (imaginary) emergency dog kit for your inspiration! What would you have in yours? Let us know!

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