Eye infections in dogs: symptoms and treatment

by Bronwyn Hall

Eye infections in dogs are extremely common. Nonetheless, they need to be treated quickly to prevent any long term damage to the eyes. There are various causes that can lead to an eye infection in your canine companion. Ranging from bacteria and viruses through to more serious causes such as tumours.

Eye infections can be spotted through various symptoms; these include the following:

Your dog rubbing or pawing as his eyes

Eyes that are swollen

Your dog is squinting

Any discharge



If you recognise that your dog has any of these symptoms, it is always best to take him to the vet as soon as possible. Your vet will more than likely want to examine your dog’s eyes to determine the cause of any symptoms. They will be able to tell if it is bacteria or something else and prescribe medication from there. If, for any reason you cannot get the vet right away, you may be able to sooth the eyes with a saline solution.



Eye infections usually take days – possibly weeks – to heal. However, some eye conditions are chronic and will require attention for the rest of your dog’s life. It is always recommended to see a vet straight away and have appropriate pet insurance.

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