Fabulous Handmade Dog Collars

by Reena Bakir
handmade dog collars

Your dog’s collar speaks volumes about what they’re like: whether they’re cool and modish, adorable and spoiled or fun and quirky, you can find the perfect collar to express your dog’s personality! With these unique and luxurious handmade dog collars manufactured right here in the UK, you can guarantee high-quality and stylish collars in all designs and styles to suit any dog!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we offer a wide range of high-quality designer collars, coming in a range of designs and looks to make any dog happy. Here’s a list of some of the most fabulous handmade dog collars that we’ve selected from our store.

You can find our complete collection of designer dog collars at our store here.

Red Polka Dot Dog Collar With Detachable Flower Accessory

handmade dog collars

This polka-dot vintage dog collar comes with a detachable flower accessory to match the pattern! Handmade to perfection, the collar and flower are both made from 100% cotton by Pet Pooch Boutique. Whether you’d let your dog sport the cool polka-dot design on its own or add the flower for an adorable twist, this collar is destined to add some fun to your dog’s look!

Sidmouth Blue Stripe Dog Collar and Lead Set

handmade dog collars and leads

Uniquely handmade in the UK by Scruffs, this Sidmouth Blue Stripe dog collar and lead set are perfect for any stylish canine! Made from beautiful grosgrain ribbon sewn onto a high-strength webbing core in toning colours, the collar and lead set offers luxury and comfort! The collars come in a range of sizes to fit all dogs and are also fully adjustable.

Watermelon White Dog Collar

handmade dog collars ukThis fun Watermelon white dog collar features a fun design of watermelon slices on a crisp white cotton base with red lining. This cool handmade collar is perfect for the summer season with its fresh colours and design, and is a perfect accessory to style up your canine! The collar also comes in a range of sizes and is adjustable.

Sailor Dog Collar by Arton & Co

British handmade collars for dogsThis simple yet stylish handmade dog collar by Arton & Co features a beautiful sailor print in white over a beautiful deep blue fabric. The collar is made from tough nylon webbing underneath the fabric, making it durable, and is rot and abrasive resistant! The collar comes in a range of sizes, and also comes with a lead set in two sizes.

Hiro and Wolf Emerald Green Geometric Print Dog Collars

hiro and wolf handmade dog collars

This collar rocks a fresh, unique and fabulous look, handmade to perfection with its green geometric print. The patterned collar is backed onto tough polyester webbing and then stitched with nylon thread, making it extremely durable and tough! It also comes with high-quality buckles and solid d rings, making them ideal for big dogs or strong small ones!

Looking for more?

Still looking for more unique handmade dog collars to pamper your canine pet? Take a look at our collection at our store here, where we offer a wide range of collars in all designs and styles to choose from!

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