Find Lost Pets With Identibase – The UK’s Leading Pet Database

by Reena Bakir

Losing a pet can be very stressful, but with Identibase you have little to worry about! As the UK’s leading pet database which stores all of your dog’s information to ensure their safety and well-being, Identibase is an original and most advanced pet tracking service in the UK, aimed at helping you store all of your pet’s information and helping reunite lost pups with their owners!

Launched in 1989, the aim of this service was to find lost pets and bring them back to their loved ones, and has since then grown and progressed into being the most efficient and helpful method of tracking information and saving lost pets. The service is built on a multi-layered system, which secures your pet’s information on a chip, allowing them to be tracked and found wherever they are. So how exactly does it work?

How does it work?


The service database currently holds over 5 million pet names and stores their individual information, as well their owners’, to ensure that pets can always be reunited with their homes no matter how far they might wander. Identibase holds information such as:

  • A pet’s name, breed and birth date
  • A pet’s sex
  • The keeper’s name and contact information
  • Vet’s contact information and address
  • Medical conditions
  • Whether a pet is neutered or not
  • Home addresses

Identichip, a component of Identibase, offers a microchip device which contains all of this information and is put into your pet’s skin, the service ensures monitoring on your pet if they go missing, and alerts shelters and rescue services of your pet’s information. Once the chip is scanned, your pet’s information will appear and will allow for an easy return home! Since microchipping your dog became compulsory in 2016, more shelters and vets are using this service and ensuring that no matter where your pet ends up, you will definitely be notified!

Another component, Identifind, is the enhanced service and team responsible for finding lost pets. With their 24-hour hotline service available 365 days a year, owners are able to phone the emergency numbers when their pets go missing and follow procedure to launch the search process. A team of dedicated helpers and vets will ensure that all rescue centres and wardens, as well as veterinary clinics, are notified of your missing pet. The team is also qualified to provide advice and reassurance during those distressful times, as losing a pet is an owner’s worst nightmare. They will also support you in printing flyers to distribute around cities or neighbourhoods to inform your community, containing all necessary details about your pet.

identibase identifind

Ensure your pet’s safety at all times, and make sure you are prepared for even the most distressful of events in case your dog or cat ever wanders too far from home and cannot find their way back. With Identibase and their services, your mind will always be at ease that there is a team of hardworking and dedicated people available at all times and ready to help you bring your friend back home!

Sign up for Identibase on their website, and contact your vet about microchipping your pets if you haven’t already – it could save their lives!


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