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by Reena Bakir

Based in rural Worcestershire and founded in 2007, Fish4Dogs is a small, independent company that produces a range of premium and healthy fish-based dog food and treats. Dedicated to producing healthy dog food made from fish – hypo-allergenic, gluten-free, and packed with Omega 3 vitamins to create a healthy diet for your dogs!

About Fish4Dogs

The company prides themselves on being comprised of a small group of like-minded individuals, all passionate and dedicated to producing only the best quality food for dogs. The team is dedicated to creating an eco-friendly product which limits the waste of natural resources, therefore the idea behind the creation of Fish4Dogs was to productively use waste from the fish industry, as only 50% of fish is used and eaten by humans despite the rest being quite nutritious.


Why Fish?

As a gluten-free and hypo-allergenic option rich with Omega 3 vitamins – and low in sugars and saturated fat, a diet with an abundance of fish will help improve your dog’s skin and coat condition, digestion, energy, joint mobility as well as overall development! Eating fish also helps with weight control, due to the lower fat levels than those in chicken or meat-based products!

The main ingredient present in Fish4Dogs products is Fine Salmon farmed from Norway, where the clean waters and well-regulated fisheries produce high-quality fresh fish with great sustainability credentials.

The products are enhanced with special mineral ingredients – Krill, Seaweed and Green-Lipped Mussels – all of which provide natural sources of protein and nutrients necessary for your dog’s healthy growth and development.

Only The Finest Products

Offering a wide range of food products, Fish4Dogs provides food specifically created for a scope of different nutritional benefits! Each category of their food is supplemented with the necessary nutrients and vitamins needed to keep your dog in top shape!

Finest Adult Fish Complete Food Regular Bite

Fish4Dogs Dog Food

High in easily-digested protein, the Ocean White Fish is particularly suitable for dogs providing for a delicate digestion for dogs of all ages. All Fish4Dogs products are grain-free and use potatoes an peas as a source of carbohydrate food to give the appropriate gastrointestinal care required for smooth digestion.

Fish4Dogs Mackarel Morsels Conditioning Treats For Coats, Skin and Joints

Fish4Dogs Dog Treats

Dedicated to conditioning your dog’s coat, skin and joints these mackerel morsel treats are enhanced with Krill Meal – a superior source of Omega 3. The nutrients found in Krill are water dissolvable and thus mix easily with the digestive juices allowing for easy absorption. These treats also have an added source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, Vitamin A and a natural source of Iron.

Sea Jerky Fish Skin Twists

sea jerky fish skin for dogs

Your dogs will go wild over these delicious natural treats made from 100% natural fish skins. These treats are low-calorie and help remove the tartar buildup from your dog’s teeth with their rough skin texture! The treats come as twisted skins that every dog will love to chew on.

Superior Puppy Complete Food Small Bite


Make sure your puppy gets their needed dose of nutrients with these Superior Puppy Complete dog food, a salmon, potatoes and pea complete dinner! With its marine-sourced Omega 3, it is an ideal food for puppies to help them maintain healthy coats and skin and develop strong joints as well as support brain development!

Want More Fish4Dogs?

Looking for more information about the brand or curious to see the large selection of fish-rich foods created especially with your dog’s health in mind? Take a look at Fish4Dog’s website or at their products sold here at Chelsea Dogs!

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