Foods that are poisonous to dogs

by Alexandra Madani

Poisonous food for dogs1. Grapes and Raisins

Grapes and raisins can cause irreversible damage to your dog’s kidneys, sometimes leading in death. As few as 4-5 grapes can have serious effects on a 10kg dog.


onion poison to dogs
2. Onions and Garlic

Onions and garlic contain the toxic ingredient thiosulphate that can cause a form of hemolytic anemia called Heinz body anemia, a condition that causes the destruction of red blood cells in your dog’s body. Kidney damage may follow.

Chocolate poison to dogs3. Chocolate

One of our favourite snacks, Chocolate and cocoa contain a chemical called theobromide that can badly affect your dog’s heart, lungs, kidney and central nervous system. The darker the chocolate (higher percentage of cocoa), the more harmful it is to your dog. A 10kg dog can be poisoned after consuming about 56g of dark chocolate, but it would take around 570g of milk chocolate to cause harm. There are chocolate substitutes that you can buy to treat your dog, look for dog treats made with carob, then both you and your dog can have an indulgent moment together!

caffeine poison to dogs4. Caffeine

Caffeinated items also contain a similar toxin found in chocolate and can have similar affects on your dog. Please avoid coffee, tea, caffeine pills, coffee beans..etc.

Nuts poison to dogs5. Macadamia nuts

The actual toxic compound in macadamia nuts that causes harm to dogs has not yet been verified but ingestion of these nuts (raw or roasted) can cause the skeletal muscles to tremor and cause paralysis in the hindquarters.

Other harmful foods that you should not feed your dog:

Toxic poisonous foods and substances harmful to dogs and pets

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