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by Reena Bakir
forever hounds trust

Forever Hounds Trust, also previously known as GRWE, is the leading Greyhound rescue charity in the England and Wales. Dedicated to their mission of rescue, rehabilitation and homing of greyhounds and lurchers, this organization fights for the unwanted, abused and abandoned dogs, and homes around 500 of these dogs every year.

About Forever Hounds Trust

forever hounds trust

Named Animal Charity Team of the Year in 2013 by PetPlan and the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes, Forever Hounds Trust began as a small operation in the West Country founded in 1996, and has since grown in both presence and importance across the country.

Built upon a network of dedicated and devoted volunteers, this organization is lead by volunteers across the country. The charity works vigorously to ensure the well-being and welfare of greyhounds and lurchers all over England and Wales, and they are built upon the vision of the day where all of these dogs are safe and away from risk or harm.

What They Do

forever hounds trust

Responsible for the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of dogs, this charity is run by a dedicated team of staff, trustees and volunteers, all of which work tirelessly to provide the best help and care for hounds.  From running fundraising events, rescuing dogs from risky situations and homes, and guiding them through the entire process of rehab until they are paired with a rightful new owner, this charity inputs their maximum efforts into their hard work.

How YOU Can Help

As a charity organization reliant on donations, Forever Hounds Trust appreciates all the help and support it receives from dog lovers and owners alike. Here are ways you can help and support them!

  • Donate. As a charity that receives funds from donations, Forever Hounds Trust is independent of the Greyhound Board of Great Britain and the Greyhound Racing Industry. Therefore, donations are of utmost importance for providing funds to give the perfect care for these dogs. A mere £12 can keep dogs well fed, warm and and safe in the kennels for a day.
  • Become a SponsorYou can choose to sponsor either a dog, a kennel or a vet treatment! Sponsoring either of these is vital in keeping the dogs at the shelter safe and healthy.
  • Home a Hound. If you’re looking for a lovable pet to join your family, hounds and lurchers make for excellent companions! Meet the dogs in need of a new home and find your perfect match!
  • Volunteer. Volunteers are the backbone of the charity, and work in all sorts of different fields to give their all into rescuing and helping these hounds. Volunteering roles are flexible and you can work depending on your available time! Find out more about what volunteers do at Forever Hounds Trust here.
  • Shop! At the Forever Hounds Trust shop, you can find a range of ways to support this organization by buying products.
  • Fundraiser. There are many ways of fundraising money to support this charity, with different fundraising activities ranging from street collections to climbing mountains! Discover the ways you can raise money for these lovely dogs here.

Get in Contact

Interested in finding out more about this charity and the work it carries out? Get in contact by visiting their website! 

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