French Bulldog Accessories

by Reena Bakir
french bulldog accessories

Each dog deserves their own special accessories and products which cater specifically to all their wants and needs, and your French Bulldog is no different! These French Bulldog accessories are perfect for your pet to enjoy!

Also known as Frenchies, French Bulldogs are smaller in size than their American and British relatives and carry a very special playful charm to them! Thriving off of companionship and partnership, your French Bulldog has a gentle temperament making him a perfect loving family pet!

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have a a selection of French Bulldog accessories made specifically with your small Frenchie in mind, ranging from beds and pillows to collars, harnesses and more lovely accessories! Visit our store here and choose your favorite Frenchie product!

Country and Twee Frenchie and Pug Green Tweed Waterproof Coat

French bulldog coat

Made specifically to fit onto Pugs and French Bulldogs with the extra long belly strap for firm fitting around their square frame, this Green Tweed coat by Country and Twee is both stylish and waterproof, so you don’t have to choose between fashion and practicality with this item! The coat comes in three sizes, allowing for a perfect fit on your dog.

Daffodil Yellow Frenchie & Boston Terrier Bow Tie Designer Dog Collar

French bulldog accessories

This bright and playful daffodil yellow bow tie is adorable with its unique print featuring French bulldogs and Boston Terriers. Made with a  sunny yellow linen mix and lined with black and white gingham, this bow tie has double detachable bow tie, and a high quality clip for ultimate security and fit. It is also easily adjustable and comes in four different sizes.

Mutts and Hounds Natural Linen Dog Print Donut Dog Bed

French bulldog dog bed

This stylish and comfortable donut dog bed by Mutts and Hounds is covered in a lovely printed natural linen using Jo Chambers unique dog print fabric design. Made to allow your dog to cuddle and snuggle up into it, this donut dog bed hugs your dog as they sleep and provides for extreme comfort. It also comes in three sizes to help  you find the perfect size for your Frenchie!

Mutts and Hounds Luxury Linen Bones Dog Harness

franchie harness

This Mutts and Hounds luxury dog harness is chic and stylish with its linen bones print coming in three different colors, and are also practical and easily functional with the D ring at the back which allows for smoothly hooking on a lead. With the adjustable Velcro fastenings around the neck and chest, the harness is easy to put on and take off and also provides control and security over your dog. It is also entirely adjustable for a comfortable fit!

French Bulldog ID Tag

French bulldog id tag

Make your dog’s collar uniquely theirs with this special French bulldog ID tag! Made from strong metal alloys and featuring a smooth edges which are mirror polished and nickle plated, allowing for a high quality look and durability! The back of the tag allows for up to four lines of information, allowing you to keep your dog safe while they rock their special brand new tag!

Looking for more?

Still looking  for more accessories which cater specifically to your French Bulldog? Visit our store here and view the selection of collars, leads, beds, towels, harnesses and more!

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