Fun Food-Shaped Dog Toys

by Reena Bakir
fun food shaped dog toys

Dog toys come in a range of many shapes and themes, and there’s nothing more fun than finding a special looking toy that’ll bring joy to both you and your dog!

Does your dog ever try to take a bite out of your burger when you’re looking away, or attempt to snatch a precious pretzel from your hands? Our range of food shaped toys are made especially for these eager eaters!

While our beloved pups may not be able to eat any of these human foods when it comes down to it, these food-shaped toys will give your pet the illusion of the real thing while they’re having a blast!

You can find the range of fun food-shaped dog toys at our store here! Read on to find out more about our top picks.

Burger Dog Toy

food shaped dog toys burger

Sumptuous and lavish, this burger plush toy from Pet London will definitely have your pup drooling all over it! It is filled with a variety of different textures to keep your dog engaged, including a crinkly sesame seed bun, furry burger patty, soft tomato slices and leaves and finished with a squishy soft bottom bun!

P.L.A.Y Hot Dog Plush Dog Toy

food-shaped dog toys hot dog

Is your pup a lover of barbecues? This hot dog plush toy will give your pet the real impression of munching down on some of your favorite BBQ foods! The toy consists of soft plush buns and a velcro pull-apart sausage, and contains a squeaker which guarantees hours of nonstop fun! For extra durability, the toy features a double-layer exterior and is double-stitched at the edges to save from wear and tear.

Sushi Plush Dog Toy

food-shaped dog toys sushi

These sushi roll plush toys are perfect for pups with a taste for fish! Consisting of three parts connected together by a rope, and coming with a squeaker inside, this toy will be your dog’s favorite thing to drag around and munch on! The eco-friendly filler is made from 100% post-consumer certified safe recycled plastic bottles, and is created with expert hand-made craftsmanship which ensures quality and durability. It is also machine washable and dryer friendly, making it super easy to keep clean!

Barking Bubbly Muttscato Plush Dog Toy

food-shaped dog toys

Every girl needs a bottle of these to pull out for a special occasion! Your pup will be all ready to celebrate with this adorable yet classy Muttscato plush toy, which features a fun giggle-stick sound when played with. The toy is eco-friendly, and double layered with double stitching to ensure strength and durability.

Red Apple Plush Dog Toy

food-shaped dog foods

Looking for ways to keep the doctor away? This new apple dog toy is part of P.L.A.Y’s new Garden Fruit and Vegetables range, for those pups that prefer something a little more healthy! This deliciously soft plush toy comes with a squeaker inside for lots of fun and is filled with an eco-friendly Plantfill made from recycled plastic bottles! A fun doggy-treat recipe is also included with any of the toys purchased from this range!

Hungry For More?

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have a wide range of food-shaped dog toys that’ll have your pups going barking mad! Make sure you check out the entire range of toys at our store, and don’t miss out on a way to make your dog’s day!

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