Funny Dog Tries To Jump On His Own Shadow

by Theodore

I don’t think i’ve ever seen such behaviour! This lovely German Shepherd dog obviously has a few issues with his shadow. He tries to pouch on it and out smart it but guess what… it doesn’t go away. Poor thing, it must be quite frustrating. Take a look at the funny dog tries to jump on his own shadow video above and let me know what you think.

Please note that dogs who chase their own shadows too often might be showing you signs of a compulsive behaviour issue that you need to address. Shadow chasing is a good example of a compulsive behaviour in dogs. If your dog constantly chases their own shadow all the time, to the point that it disrupts their life and maybe even your own, compulsion may be at fault and needs to be addressed. According to the ASPCA, compulsive behaviours such as shadow chasing can be so damaging that they can even prevent dogs from going to sleep. Compulsion can even lead to extreme fatigue in dogs so please talk to your vet or local canine behaviourist for advice.

Woof Woof, Theodore x

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