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by Reena Bakir
fuzzyard dog accessories at chelsea dogs

Modern, fashionable and practical, FuzzYard dog accessories are everything your dog needs to look cool and feel comfortable at the same time! Known for their chic and cool designs, this brand is a pioneer in manufacturing all the essential products that your canine would require. From bowls, beds, harnesses, toys and grooming products, FuzzYard products are made especially for your dog to enjoy.

Here at Chelsea Dogs, we have a large collection of FuzzYard dog accessories, ranging in fun designs and high quality materials. Read on to find out more about our best picks, and make sure you don’t miss out on their entire selection of fabulous products!

FuzzYard Fabmingo Feeder Dog Bowl

dog feeder fuzzyard dog accessories

Make your dog’s mealtime absolutely fabulous with this FuzzYard Fabmingo feeder dog bowl sporting a cool flamingo print design! Made for durability and quality, the bowl is made from sturdy BPA-free melamine, and features a removable stainless steel insert for quick and easy cleaning. Also, the sturdy rubber feet of this feeder keep it from slipping and sliding as your dog eats! It comes in three sizes, making it perfect for all sizes of hungry canines!

FuzzYard Yeezy Reversible Dog Bed

fuzzyard dog accessories beds

Created precisely for your dog’s ultimate comfort, this FuzzYard soft velvety plush pet bed is among the ultimate in pet bedding! The bed is manufacuted from polyester fiber and filled with feather soft filling, is it the ideal place to snuggle, especially with its high raised sides! Made to be versatile, this bed can be turned inside out for two different black and grey designs, allowing you to choose how exactly you want it to look for your dog and within your house. It comes in three sizes, making it a perfect fit for most dog breeds.

FuzzYard Tucson Step-In Dog Harness

fuzzyard dog accessories harness

This luxurious Tucson harness by FuzzYard is exactly what your dog needs to show just how cool and fun they are! With its adorable cacti print onto a soft blue background, and lined with strong yellow, this harness is definitely a head-turner! The step-in harness completely eliminates the hassle of wrestling your pooch into a harness; simply unclip the buckle, undo the velcro and allow your canine to step right into it! It is made from 100% polyester, making it both lightweight and comfortable.

FuzzYard Aloe Vera and Lavender Puppy Shampoo

fuzzyard dog accessories shampooo

Perfect for your brand new puppy, this FuzzYard naturals shampoo is exactly what your pup’s sensitive skin needs. The Aloe Vera and Lavender formula is sulphate free, and contains gentle organic extracts to protect your pup’s skin while maintaining a soft shiny coat. Lavender also helps keep overactive or distressed dogs calm during bath-time, making it a much more enjoyable experience for both you and your pet.

FuzzYard Fab Dog Lead

fuzzyard dog accessories lead

Add a quirky touch to your dog walks with this Fab Fuzzyard dog lead. Made from durable neoprene, this lead¬† features a comfortable hand loop for a firm and easy grip, and a steel spring-loaded latch for secure attachment to your dog’s collar. You can either match this unique lead with an identical Fab collar, or with a plain colored collar to stand out.

There’s More!

Don’t miss out on what FuzzYard has to offer! Make sure you check out their entire collection of luxurious and cool accessories, and get your dog a unique gift that’ll last a lifetime!

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