FuzzYard Stylish Dog Products

by Reena Bakir
fuzzyard ahoy bed

Founded in 2003 and based in Melbourne, Australia, this contemporary company were dedicated from the start to creating dog products that popped! Whether it’s their funky designs, wild prints or bright colors, FuzzYard are committed to uniqueness and individuality in their products. Maintaining the highest of production and design standards, FuzzYard create a range of different dog products, including clothes, toys, beds, accessories and bowls!

If you’re looking to add a hint of fun to your dog’s collection, or a special outfit to make them stand out in the crowd, FuzzYard are guaranteed to have what you need! Check out the FuzzYard brand page and take a look at all of their fantastic products!

Here’s a selection of some of their products!


FuzzYard’s main initiative is to create premium pet products that are also aesthetically appealing and distinctive in their designs. All of their products are created in house, which sets their designs to the highest caliber and sets them apart globally from other off the shelf companies. With their rapid growth internationally, FuzzYard have grown to become a renowned company used by many pet owners around the globe!

Collars and Harnesses

Designed for comfort, style, and control, FuzzYard collars and harnesses come in a range of vibrant and cool designs, with a wide range to choose from!

Rad Dog Collar

Let your dog walk in style wearing this Rad Fuzzard dog collar! The collar features a charcoal base with with pink, orange and green triangles, living up to its cool name! Made from spongy neoprene as well as thick nylon webbing, this collar is strong and durable, and is soft around your dog’s neck and won’t cause discomfort by rubbing against their skin. It also comes with a sturdy die-cast loop to allow for a lead. The collar is also adjustable and comes in three sizes.

1983 Multi Dog Harness

fuzzyard harnessThis funky harness is a stylish wear for any pooch! In it’s 80’s themed design, the harness features a technicolor print that is bound to pop wherever your dog wears it! The harness is super comfortable, light-weight and is a great alternative to collars as it distributes weight across your dog’s body instead of centering on pressure points. It is easy to slip onto your dog’s body, and comes with a buckle to fasten under your dog’s belly.


FuzzYard’s bedding is both unique and comfortable, created especially to give the perfect place for your dog to fall asleep!

Michelin Reversible Dog Bed

fuzzyard bedThis reversible dog bed in black and white with fluro trim has a bold design that makes for the perfect statement piece for any home! Filled with feather-soft filling and made from polyester fibre, the bed is made for extreme comfort and satisfaction and is fully machine washable.


Go Nuts Easy Feeder Dog Bowl

fuzzyardThis bowl covered in donuts is perfect feeder for your pup! This easy feeder is made from sturdy and features a removable stainless steel insert to make cleaning easy! Each bowl comes with sturdy rubber feet to help avoid it from slipping across the floor while it’s in use!

There’s More?

There’s many more amazing FuzzYard products available at our store here, so make sure to check them out!

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