German Shepherd Gets Stuck in Tree

by Melissa Keen

We love funny/cute stories, and they don’t get much funnier/cuter than this. A large pup called Baby got stuck in a tree in California – and hilariously had to be rescued by firefighters!

Baby is a 2-year-old German Shepherd and was being walked by her owner, Sharon Thurston, in a park in Sacramento. When Sharon let go of the lead briefly, Baby took the opportunity to chase a cat.

Lathrop Manteca Fire District
Photo: Lathrop Manteca Fire District

Baby was able to get up the tree with no problem – but soon realised she was stuck and unable to get back down!

Sharon called the emergency services when she realised she was also unable to climb the tree and help her furry friend back down.

Larry Madoski took the call and initially thought it was a hoax.

‘I took a chuckle and thought, “well this is a first!”

‘I immediately placed a phone call to find out if somebody was kidding with me.’

Once they realised it wasn’t a joke, the firefighters were immediately dispatched to help get Baby down from the tree.

The cat managed to climb back down on its own once Baby was out the way and, happily, neither animal got hurt. We love a happy ending!

Lathrop Manteca Fire District
Photo: Lathrop Manteca Fire District

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