Gifts For Dogs – Toys Vs Treats

by Alexandra Madani

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Dog owners who love their dogs enjoy lavishing the best of all things doggie on them.  This means the best in food, treats, toys, bedding and accessories. When you get nothing but the best for your dog, it can seem easy to buy gifts for others dog lovers and their pooch. The problem is that buying a gift for another dog owner is not as easy as it may seem. This is because what may be a good fit for you and you dog could cause issues for another dog and owner. One of these gift dilemmas is whether or toys or treats are better gift to give. Here some basic guidelines which could help you to make your decision.

Tricky Treats

There are several cute and nutrition delicious treats to choose from to give as a doggie gift. If you are considering giving doggie treats one of the first things you need to know is whether not the dog you are giving them to has any allergies. You also need to know if the dog that will be getting this gift is on any type of restrictive diet to control their weight or other health issue. If you know the answers to these questions then treats could be a great gift option. If there is any doubt regarding these issues then you should consider a toy and skip the treats. We have a fabulous range of organic dog treats, some of which are gluten and dairy free.
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Size Matters

Whether you are considering giving treats or toys to a dog you need to take the dog’s size into consideration. This is because treats and toys which can be ideal for a larger dog may be overwhelming to a smaller breed of dog. The toys which are made for smaller dogs could be of no interest to a larger dog or even pose a hardship to them. This is because some small dog toys could pose a choking risk if swallowed by a larger dog. Be sure no matter which toy or treat you choose that it has been developed for the size of dog who will receive it. Browse our range of luxury dog toys buy clicking on the image below.

London Dog Toys

Special Interest

Although many dogs like the same things, each dog is different. Dogs have personalities which differ as much as their owners personalities. While one dog may enjoy spending lots of time chewing, another may prefer cuddling with a soft toy instead. Some high energy dogs love to chase and retrieve toys as where others may love to sit around and snack on small treats. If you take the time to match treats and toys to the personality of the dog they will be enjoyed much more. When these items are better match the dog they are given to the owner too will appreciate the gift more.

Match Making

You can never go wrong matching a dog toy with the activities you know a dog and owner participate in together. Matching a gift to these interest ensures the gift you give will get a lot of use and be thoroughly enjoyed. For example, try to give things such as toss toys to dogs and owners who may spend a lot of time in the park together.

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