Golden Retriever Stops Traffic at Target

by Alessia

Um, so this is awesome. This guy Steve Moore adopted a three year old golden retriever (whom he named Jackson) and in four weeks has transformed this seemingly unwanted shelter dog into the coolest, most obedient pooch ever. Jackson’s specialty is waiting outside a shop for Steve to finish his shopping, and completely not budging until Steve dismisses him from his spot out front. Steve doesn’t mind people coming up to Jackson to pay him fuss and gush over him, because he says, “the more distractions the better”. If I sat Lucas down and took his leash off in front of Target, I’m fairly certain I’d be arrested for something he would do in less than thirty seconds. Jackson is a pretty awesome dog and Steve has proven that with any amount of training, any dog can be a greatly behaved fur ball. Keep it up, Steve (and come train Lucas please!)

Alessia xx

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