Got A New Puppy But Can’t Decide On A Name?

by Alexandra Madani

Ok, so you’ve chosen a gorgeous new puppy from a litter but you can’t come up with a name? Does he look more like an Oscar or a Teddy, or does she look more like a Bella or a Lily?

Don’t fret, help is at hand thanks to this pet name generator by!

Just enter a few simple details about your new puppy and let the generator do the work! Let’s see it in action… We need a volunteer and know just the pup for the job:

Choosing a name for your puppy

1. Is your pet a Cat or Dog?
Umm… most definitely a dog and not one of those felines!

2. Is your dog Male or Female?
After a quick check it’s safe to say he’s a boy.

3. How old is your dog?
He’s very much still an adorable puppy at only 8 weeks old.

4. What is your dog’s personality?
He’s very much a happy little thing who loves fetching tennis balls and exploring new teritories!

5. What does your dog look like?
Do we really need to answer that?? Ok, he’s super cute!!

Then we clicked generate name and birth certificate and our new puppy has a name… ready…. wait for it….. Jasper!

To make it official you can even print out their very own birth petificate to put above their bed or in their kennel! Give it a go…

Finally we would just like to thank our beautiful volunteer Theodore for taking part in this experiment!

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