Handy Dog Car Seat Covers

by Reena Bakir
dog car seat covers

As a dog owner, you’ll find your dogs taking trips in your car for all sorts of reasons. Whether it’s a visit to the vet, a drive to a nearby park or going on a road trip with the family, you’re bound to have your canine friend sitting right there with you in the backseat! However, not only can dogs get restless and anxious in cars which may lead to vomiting, but many dogs can make a mess by slobbering or dragging dirt in with their paws. Dog car seat covers can help solve your worries about keeping the your car clean and in good shape, while also making the ride comfortable for your pet!

Here at our Chelsea Dogs store, we offer a selection of handy dog car seat covers!

Below, we’ve compiled a list of dog car seat covers from our shop and others to guarantee a safe, comfortable and clean journey!

Universal Waterproof Car Seat Cover by Danish Design

dog car seat cover

This practical car seat cover by Danish Design is not only durable and can handle wear, but is also waterproof to guarantee ultimate protection for your car seats. With its sponge dry fabric, you’ll never have to worry about bringing your dog into the car after some heavy rain or a run in the mud! The cover also comes with seat belt anchor slots to hold it in place while the car moves and protect your car seats from pet hair and dirt!

The Lounging Hound Waterproof Wool Throw Flamingo

dog car blanket

Made with your dog’s comfort as a priority, this Flamingo throw is made from luxurious pure wool coming in pink, green and grey checks and backed with a soft grey water-resistant microsuede. Due to its flexibility and functionality, this throw can be used as a sofa cover, a soft blanket or a car seat cover for your back seat. With its water-resistant reverse, this cover is perfect for making sure your car remains clean throughout the entire ride.

Extended Width Water Bench Seat Cover

dog car seat covers

If you have a large backseat, this product is the perfect one for you! With its great durability, waterproof and stain resistant fabric, this cover is easy to keep clean and is guaranteed to withstand wear and time. The cover also comes with attachments at its foot and top, allowing it to be secured firmly to the car seat and eliminates the element of slipping and sliding! If you’re looking for a similar model for a smaller car, The Wander Bench Seat Cover would be an ideal pick as well!

Car Boot Bed By Danish Designcar dog bed

This Boot Bed by Danish Design is perfect for giving your pet a place to lie down while you’re out and about in the car for long trips. With its heavy duty and waterproof fabric, the boot bed is designed specifically to keep your car clean! The bed comes with an extra bumper protector that can be removed,  as well as a soft padded base for extra comfort for your dog!

Looking for more?

Still looking for the perfect dog car seat cover to keep your seats clean and your dog comfy? Check out our selection at our store!

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