Hiro and Wolf New Faithfulness and Valour Dog Accessories

by Reena Bakir
hiro and wolf new

The brand new Faithfulness and Valour dog accessories are the perfect additions to Hiro and Wolf’s chic and stylish dog product collections! Hiro and Wolf are known for their unique distinctive style, and these collections fit right in with the brand’s look!

As part of their Ghana collection, these products are all made from hand-printed African wax fabrics with special designs which reflect the ideals and beliefs of Ghana culture. With these cool new designs, striking colors and beautiful prints, these new accessories are bound to make all heads turn!

Read on more to find out about the highlights of this collection.

Hiro and Wolf Valour Dog Collar

Hiro and Wolf dog collar

As part of the Valour collection, reflecting the urge for adventure and belief in oneself, this funky collar is perfect for any outgoing pooch looking for a taste of adventure! The collar features beautiful striking pinks, yellows and blues, and is made from African wax fabric and thick vegetable tanned leather, ensuring quality and durability. For extra strength and toughness, the collar features high quality buckles and solid D rings secured by two rivets, making them ideal for large dogs and tough small ones! The collar is backed onto tough Polyester webbing and stitched with nylon thread.

Hiro and Wolf Faithfulness Greyhound Collar

hiro and wolf faithfulnessPart of the Faithfulness collection, which teaches the importance of fondness and friendship, this Greyhound dog collar is ideal for a lovable canine companion. The collar features a unique circular cut-out design through yellow leather revealing a beautiful colorful fabric underneath. Made especially with small and large hounds dogs in mind, this collar’s ‘fishtail’ shape is tailored especially to fit around their necks without slipping off and while simultaneously protecting their delicate windpipes.

Faithfulness Dog Harness by Hiro and Wolf

dog harness hiro and wolfCreated to make walks easier and more enjoyable for both you and your dog, this Faithfulness dog harness features a durable and soft cotton chest plate which evenly distributes weight across your dog’s body, making your walks a carefree experience! Coming in the stunning Faithfulness design, this beautiful harness will look fabulous on any canine. The harness is made for smaller breeds with two sizes available, and comes with adjustable straps to create a custom fit for your pet. It also comes with two clip fastenings, giving you a hassle-free experience of easily putting them on and taking them off your dog.

Hiro and Wolf Valour Dog Bowtie

hiro and wolfThis stylish dog bow tie by Hiro and Wolf features hand-printed African wax fabric showing the beautiful yellow blue and pink Valour design! This bow tie is fitted onto a super stretchy flat elastic loop, and can simply slide onto your dog’s favorite collar! The bow tie also comes with a reflective center so that your dog can easily be seen during nighttime walks.

Looking for more?

There’s many more beautiful dog products by Hiro and Wolf which features their funky colors, unique designs and one-of-a-kind prints and they’re all available at our store here! Pamper your pooch with these beautiful products and make sure all heads turn to look at your stylish pet!

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