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by Reena Bakir
hounds of harrogate

Creating products for the modern, eco-conscious hound, Hounds of Harrogate founded an innovative concept in creating stylish, 100% natural and wellness-based contemporary collections for both hounds and home.

The designer brand are driven by their mission to produce ethically-sourced luxury dog accessories. With collections ranging from wellness beds and baskets, healthy organic treats, quality collars and leads and luxury nature grooming products, Hounds of Harrogate have everything your dog needs to indulge in a life of luxury while staying eco-friendly!

About the Brand

luxury dog accessories hounds of harrogate
Founders of Hounds of Harrogate

Founded by Emma and Sarah as a dog walking business, Hounds of Harrogate came from an appreciation of the stunning surroundings of the Harrogate, North Yorkshire area, inspiring them with the concept of creating natural and organic products. As dog owners themselves, the pair understood the need for high quality wellness products that not only look beautiful in your home, but are also great for your hounds!

Dogs’ wellbeing is at the forefront of the brand’s product range, with products that are human grade, 100% natural and entirely ethically sourced. With their widely encompassing ranges, Hounds of Harrogate guarantee taking care of all of your pets needs.

Lead, Collar and Pouch Sets

Hounds of Harrogate’s luxury dog accessories include this stunning range of handmade lead, collar and pouch sets made from the finest lasting leather.

The Marla Set

luxury dog accessories leads collars pouch hounds of harrogate

The Marla Set by Hounds of Harrogate exudes individuality and luxury. The set is made with green panel hide and light Havana with brass fittings. The threads used are luxury linen, which is hand waxed with beeswax. Durable and strong, the panel hide is supported by webbing to ensure longevity. Each of these luxury products are cut, finished, and stitched by hand using traditional skills.

The Darcy Set

luxury dog products darcy set

Simple and elegant, the Darcy Set is made with light brown Havana British leather and features solid brass fittings. The classic look is ideal for any hound that wants to make an impression.

The Natural Grooming Range

Made from natural ingredients and oils, the Natural Grooming range smelling, looking and feeling luxurious while staying completely natural!

Chamomile and Aloe Vera 100% Natural Luxury Puppy Shampoo

PUPPY SHAMPOO luxury dog accessories

Made with chamomile, aloe vera and olive oil to soothe and nourish skin. The shampoo is vegan, gentle and mild, making ideal for puppies and dogs with sensitive skin. 100% natural and with conditioning properties, the shampoo cleanses fur, moisturizes skin and conditions your dog’s coat, leaving them smelling beautifully and looking glossy!

Luxury Dog Skin and Paw Balm

skin and paw balm luxury dog accessories

This luxury skin and paw balm soothes, moisturizes and relieves dry paws for a soft touch. Made from Hemp oil, which is rich in omega 3 & 6, the balm can be used on the paws, nose and skin to support and alleviate skin quality.

Wellness Beds Range

Hounds of Harrogate wellness beds are ethically sourced and made with your pet’s comfort as a top priority.

Sisi Handwoven Luxury Dog Basket

hounds of harrogates dog beds dog accessories

The beautiful handwoven basket is made from 100% elephant grass and traditional plant dyes. Ethically sourced and made in Ghana, each unique basket is woven by a co-operative in Ghana that offers support to workers and their communities. They are double-woven for increased durability and will look stunning in any home.

Premium Dog Food

The range of premium dog food features human-grade, grain-free natural foods specially formulated to improve overall health and provide them with the support they need. Their food is available in a range of flavors and catered to your dog’s special needs.

Grain Free Adult Dog Food – Duck, Sweet Potato and Orange

hounds of harrogate dog accessories dog food

The complete food for adult dogs, this grain-free duck, sweet potato and orange formula provides your dog with everything they need to stay healthy and satisfied. Hypoallergenic, the food is formulated without wheat or wheat gluten, and contains duck that is highly rich in amino acids, as well as omega 3 supplements to support visual development in adult dogs.

Grain Free Puppy Food – Chicken, Sweet Potato and Carrots

hounds of harrogate grain free puppy food

Especially formulated for puppies up to 12 month of age, this Grain Free Puppy food offers a blend of high quality proteins and vegetables, introducing your pets to nutritious ingredients rich in amino acids that aid in growth and development.

There’s More!

Don’t miss out on the entire range of eco-friendly and designer Hounds of Harrogate dog products available at our store, and indulge your pet in the life of luxury they deserve!

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