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by Reena Bakir


Dedicated to offering quality, comfort and permanence, House of Paws is a designer brand which caters to a variety of pet products for both cats and dogs. From furniture to lifestyle products and accessories, House of Paws offers a wide selection of high-quality pieces that also remain true to their style and luxury.

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About House of Paws

Beginning and growing as a family-owned business based in the UK, this brand has developed a reputation for their production of high quality pet products.

The products produced by House of Paws include furniture for both cats and dogs, such as comfortable and stylish beds, as well as lifestyle products and accessories such as collars, leads, toys and grooming products as well as clothing pieces. Accommodating to such a selection of products proves House of Paws’ determination to offer quality and luxury to all of our four-legged friends by designing and producing all the necessary products to extenuate a pet’s lifestyle.

Dog and Cat Beds

Of the many products that House of Paws manufactures, they have a unique selection of beds that vary in styles and functionality. Whether you’re looking for a cosy soft bed or a practical and convenient mattress, House of Paws have the options you need!

Rustic Tweed Oval Dog Bed 

house of paws dog bed


This soft and comfortable dog bed is available in a range of sizes to suit any dog! Lined with premium quality Sherpa Fleece the bed can trap cold air and keeps your dog warm throughout the year. The bed also features a rustic tweed outer design with an applique stag head, making it comfortable and stylish.

Navy Memory Foam Mattress with Faux Sheepskin Topper

house of paws memory foam dog bed This memory foam mattress is ideal for elderly dogs or those who require a supportive bed, as it is designed specifically to offer support to your dog’s body. The mattress is created to support your dog’s joints and allow for regulating heat.


House of Paws also design quality dog clothing, including jackets ranging from waterproof coats to stylish jackets.

Green Tweed Dog Coat by House of Paws 

green tweed dog coat

This adorable green tweed coat by House of Paws is lined with soft brown fleece for warmth and the collar is lined with cream faux sheepskin. It is also easy to fit onto your dog with its two Velcro straps.


Of House of Paws’ most well known products are their unique and adorable toys catered specifically to your dog’s enjoyment. Their toys come in a selection of designs and styles, and you are guaranteed to find the perfect one for your special canine.

Long Legs Dog Dog Toy

house of paws dog toysThis is a fun plush toy with unfixed arms and legs that slide through the body when pulls and comes with a squeaker on the inside. House of Paws have a selection of other toys coming in similar style but featuring different animals, allowing you to choose your pick!

Scented Cupcakes Dog Toy

cupcake dog toy
This fun plush toy comes in the shape of cute coloured cupcakes. The toy is a beautiful vanilla scent and contains a plastic squeaker.

Lifestyle and Food

Among their products, House of Paws also manufacture lifestyle products including bowls and storage compartments!

Grey Polka Dot Dog Bowl 

dog bowls house of paws

This bowl has a fun design featuring different breeds of dogs in black and white printed onto a soft grey polka dot background. The bowl has a removable steel inner bowl, making cleaning and changing water easy.

Glass Treat Jar With Dog Bone Plaque in Mink

house of paws dog treat jarThis House of Paws adorable storage jar is created specifically to hold your dog’s treats and comes in a mink coloured ceramic lid that features a silicon seal in order to keep the food fresh and protect from moisture!

Want more?

Pay a visit to our House of Paws brand page and take a look at all the fabulous products that they offer.

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