How Do I Stop My Dog Begging?

by Alexandra Madani

When you sit down to the table, you want to be able to enjoy eating. You do not want to have to deal with a furry little face begging for some table scraps. Yet, every night as you sit down to dinner, you encounter a furry little face looking up at you with the most adorable eyes asking for some table scraps. You do not want to give in, so you start looking for ways to simply stop your dog from asking you for food. It is possible as long as you know what to do.

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Never Give In

It is hard to resist that face your dog gives you when it wants something, but you have to resist. Remember that the behaviour is simply a way that your dog is trying to get attention. If you give in to the behaviour, you are actually reinforcing it. You are telling your dog that it is okay to act in this way.

On the same token, if you get on to your dog about the behaviour, you are paying attention to what they are doing. Realistically, the food is secondary to their goal. The main thing that your dog is trying to do is to get attention. If you engage with your dog in any way, you will be reinforcing that it is okay to ask for your attention while you are trying to eat.

Maintain Confidence

Remember that you are keeping good care of your dog as long as you are feeding the appropriate amounts at meal times. Many dogs would overeat if given the opportunity. You could be harming your dog if you give table scraps. This is not to mention the fact that the food you eat is not intended for a dog to eat. All of the additional salt, preservatives and additives that are in food prepared for humans can cause indigestion or worse in your dog. Stay steadfast in the knowledge that you are doing what is right by not giving any scraps at the table and this will make it slightly easier not to give in.

Remain Patient and Consistent

When you are working with your dog, you will need to remember that your dog is looking to you to either be the leader or step aside. If you are not consistent in your approach to how you treat your dog when begging for scraps, you will not get a consistent behaviour from your dog. They will try to establish themselves as the leader of the pack rather than allowing you to lead.

As long as you are patient and make sure not to react to how your dog is begging at the table, you will eventually get results. Your dog will lose interest in begging and will move on to something else. Make sure to warn any guests you have for meals so that they are aware of what the situation is and they will not give in.

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