How Long Should My Dogs Nails Be And How Do I Clip Them?

by Chelsea Dogs
how long should my dogs nails be

How Long Should My Dogs Nails Be?

A question we get asked a lot! The answer is simple, when your dog is standing, his or her nails should be just above floor level, not touching the ground.

Here’s what your dog’s nails should look like when standing:

how long should my dogs nails be

Why should I cut my dog’s nails?

Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed and at the correct length will not only keep your dog happy but also keep him out of pain and away from other health issues that can arise by having long, unkempt nails.

When nails are so long that they keep touch the ground, they put pressure back into the nail bed, causing pain to the dog (imagine wearing shoe that is too tight) and pressure on the toe joint. Over a period of time, this can actually realign the joints of the foreleg and make the foot look flattened and splayed.

How do I cut my dog’s nails?

When dogs spend a good amount of time outdoors, walking and running on hard surfaces like pavements, this naturally files the nails so you may find that if your dog is walked a lot on these types of surfaces, you will not need to have his nails clipped.

If however your dog spends a lot of time indoors or when walked, is walked on soft surfaces like grass, you will need to monitor the growth of his nails and clip them before they become too long.

Here is a video that shows you how you can easily clip your dog’s nails at home. All you will need is a pair of dog nail clippers and some treats for a reward when you’re done!

How Long Should My Dogs Nails Be?

Here are some dog nail clippers available to buy in our grooming section at Chelsea Dogs online:

How do I clip my dog's nails | Dog Nail Clippers


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