How Often Should I Give My Dog A Bath?

by Alexandra Madani

How Often Should I Give My Dog A Bath | Chelsea Dogs

When people acquire a new dog they have a lot of questions about caring for it which need to be answered. One of the questions which seem to be asked by many dog owners is in regards to the frequency which they should be bathing them. This is an important question because not bathing a dog enough, or even bathing them too much, can cause health issues for the dog. An improper dog bathing schedule can also result in causing health issues for the humans who live with the dog. Below are some simple guidelines which can be easily followed to prevent any of these situations from occurring.

Outdoor versus Indoor

If a dog is an indoor dog then it will generally need to be bathed less frequently than a dog which lives outdoors. This is because outdoor dogs can often track dirt, debris, dander and even some waste particles on your carpets, furniture or even your bed. Outdoor dogs should be bathed maybe once a week while indoor dogs should be bathed no less than once every month. There are other factors which could require that your dog to be bathed more frequently than this.

Breed Determinations

The breed of your dog can determine how often it will be in need of being bathed. Dogs which are from breeds which have drier skin will need to be bathed less often. This is because the over bathing of these dogs could make them itchy and at risk of developing a serious medical condition on their skin. A dog which is scratching excessively from having its skin dried out from bathing can also cause a large amount of pet dander to be in a home environment. This could cause human habitants of the home to suffer from pet related allergies.

Dogs which are from breeds which have oiler skin will need to be bathed no less than once every three weeks. Be aware of how much debris and dirt accumulates on these dogs. You may find these dogs need to bathed bi-weekly or even weekly to maintain a proper level of cleanliness.

Active and Non-Active Dogs

The activities your dog participates in can also help determine the frequency it needs to be bathed. Dogs which enjoy rolling in the dirt or those which tend to drool a lot may be in need of frequent bathing. Additionally, if you take your dog with you on runs every day, you will need to bathe it more often. Dogs which lie around the house, or those which have been bred to be companion dogs, will require bathing less often.

Another factor to keep in mind when determining a bathing schedule for your dog is the fact they absorb environmental pollutants through their skin. As human we mainly absorb these pollutants through our nose and mouth. The cleaner a dog’s skin is kept the less likely they are to be effected by the pollutants they have been exposed to.

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