How To Break Up A Dog Fight Without Getting Hurt

by Alexandra Madani

How To Break Up A Dog Fight Without Getting Hurt Chelsea Dogs

When you see two dogs getting into a fight, you will feel compelled to take action. After all, who wants to see two dogs tearing each other apart? The problem is that whenever the instinct to intervene takes hold, you start to worry about your own safety if you get involved. You do not want to be mistaken for another dog and get into the dog fight yourself. This is when a little good advice will help you to stay safe while protecting the dogs from hurting one another.

Here are some tips to help you stop a dog fight without getting hurt. Just keep in mind that whenever you are following this advice that it applies to all dogs regardless of size. While it is true that there are more aggressive breeds of dogs, they all respond the same to certain actions. By keeping your cool and maintaining your position, you will be able to triumph without being bitten or clawed.

Identify the More Intense Dog

The very first thing you will need to do when breaking up a dog fight is to identify which of the dogs is more intense. This should be easy to identify because it is the dog that is far more aggressive. Do not confuse the “winning” dog as the more aggressive one. In many cases, a dog that is not as strong will challenge a bigger and more aggressive dog to establish dominance. Look for the dog that seems more intent on winning the fight and that is the one you will need to target.

Always be mindful of the other dog in the fight even while focusing your attention on the more intense dog. Do not put your body or hands anywhere that either of the dogs will be able to bite them. When they are going at it, there is little time to discern what is being bitten.

Go for the Ribs

If one dog has a hold on the other, give the dog a tap in the ribs. This will release the mouth and break any hold they might have. This gives you the chance to take action and actually separate the two dogs. Do not kick or hit, but rather give a powerful jab in the ribs that will simply grab the attention of the dog and take their focus off of biting for a moment. If you inflict actual pain, you will be identified as an aggressor and you will be in the fight.

Separate the Dogs

Once the two dogs are not locked in biting, you can take the chance to separate them. Make sure to use a strong voice to loudly grunt at the dog. Simultaneous to the grunting you will need to grab the back of the neck and the collar. Do not go for the top of the neck or you will be labeled as an aggressor and you will be in the fight. Pull directly up and you will be able to take the fight out of the dog.

Always maintain confidence and poise and do not yell unless you actually need help from other people. Dogs respond to confidence and those that can easily and firmly establish dominance. Follow this advice and you will effectively stop the fight without getting hurt.

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