How to Choose between Fixed Length and Extendable Leads

by Alexandra Madani

Your dog will need some exercise everyday. The current laws in most public places require that you keep your dog on a lead at all times. The kind of lead you purchase to fulfil your end of the bargain is completely up to you. You can choose from plain leads to the most bejewelled leads available on the market. The lead itself can be an expression of who you are and what you like. This is why there are so many varieties available to you. Among the choices you can make is when choosing between extendable and fixed length leads.


The difficulty in choosing between a fixed length and extendable lead is that there are good qualities to either one. By considering a few things, you will be able to choose the right lead so you will be able to enjoy taking your dog out to get some exercise while still being able to maintain control and your position in the neighbourhood. Consider the size and strength of your dog, the active nature of your dog and the look you might be going for with the lead. This will help you to choose the right lead for your dog.

Consider the Size and Strength of Your Dog

Stronger dogs have a tendency to pull on the leash more than smaller, weaker dogs. The kind of lead you purchase should take this into consideration. Bigger dogs may not be suitable for an extendable leash as a result. They will break the lead and you will just have to buy a new one. Pay attention to what size dog the lead is made for and you will be able to choose the one that is right for your dog a little easier.

How Active Is Your Dog?

Active dogs may want to go at a different pace than you are during walks. Using an extendable lead will allow your dog to run ahead, run back and even run circles around you without yanking your arm off. If you are planning on keeping pace with your pet, you should consider using a fixed length lead. The advantage this provides is that you will be able to have more control to stop your dog from running sideways into traffic when you are concentrating on your activity. Consider this when you are purchasing your lead.

What Look Do You Want with Your Lead?

The extendable lead does not offer you much in the way of adornment. Other than the handle, you cannot add anything other than colour to the lead itself. This is because it will need to be able to roll back into the handle smoothly. If you are looking to have a more decorative lead, you might want to look into the fixed length leads. Keep in mind that all of the other factors listed above before making this kind of decision. After all, having a great looking lead will not matter much if you are not comfortable walking your dog with it.

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