How To Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

by Reena Bakir
clean your dog's teeth

Humans aren’t the only ones who need to brush their teeth! Learning how to clean your dog’s teeth is essential for any dog owner, and allows you to keep their mouth, gums and teeth in the best health possible and avoid any dental diseases!

Here’s a guide to help you learn the basics and necessities of how to clean your dog’s teeth and give them the sparkly whites and fresh breath they deserve!

Why is cleaning important?

 cleaning your dogs teeth

Routine cleaning of your dog’s teeth doesn’t only insure pearly molars and good breath, but it also eliminates the risk of your dog falling victim to dental diseases. Without the proper dental care, dogs are prone to developing many canine dental diseases that can turn into more serious health issues if left untreated.

While some breeds are more at risk of developing these diseases, the main cause of dental diseases is bacteria and plaque that remains uncleaned on the surface of your dog’s teeth, contaminating the area and emitting toxins. The mouth itself, including the gums and glands, becomes infected with this bacteria which can in turn deteriorate the state of your dog’s immune system.

What You Need To Do

Here are some essential steps to follow to make sure you’re all set and ready to start brushing your dog’s teeth.

1. Start Early

clean your dog's teeth

Dogs can become easily irritated and annoyed by someone touching their teeth, let alone trying to clean them.  It’s important to make sure your dog becomes used to you brushing their teeth from an early age, so they don’t give you trouble as they grow up and become bigger! Moreover, starting early ensures that your dog will have healthy teeth throughout their life, and will leave little room for bacteria and plaque to begin to develop.

2. Get The Right Equipment

clean your dog's teeth

Make sure you get the right gels, pastes and toothbrush type for your dog. Human products contain ingredients which might make your pet sick, therefore finding the perfect doggie toothpaste is essential for a healthy mouth. Also, pet toothbrushes are softer and less dense than humans’, making them more comfortable for the pet’s sensitive gums.

3. Brush Frequently

clean your dog's teeth

Frequent brushing and cleaning makes it harder for plaque to build up, and removes trapped food from your dog’s teeth instantly, leaving little room for bad breath. Brushing daily is the ideal, however, brushing three times a week should also suffice for dogs with healthy mouths. Finding a routine is also important to getting  your puppy used to frequent brushing and cleaning.

4. Chewing Can Help

how to clean your dog's teeth

Specialized types of toys and treats can help your dog clean their own teeth in between your brushing sessions. Rubber and nylon toys with bumpy surfaces tend to be helpful in removing the build up of plaque, as well as special plaque-fighting dog treats!

How To Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

With all the necessary steps in mind, find a time where your puppy is relaxed. Lift the lips on either side of your dog’s snout and start to gently rub their teeth with a damp wet toothbrush or a soft gauze. This will allow them to get used to the feeling of someone touching their teeth and gums.

Once this process is repeated and your dog has become comfortable with you handling their teeth and gums, you can begin to incorporate the specialized pet toothpaste. While brushing, make sure your concentration is at the outer part of their teeth, which are the areas most prone to plaque and that the stroking is not rough or too fast. When making your way to the gums, the movement should be gentle and with little pressure around the gum line.

You’re good to go!

Now that you understand the basics and steps of cleaning your dog’s teeth, make sure to start as soon as possible! Remember, the sooner your start the easier it’ll be for both you and your pet!

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