How to Discourage Begging

by Alessia

Begging is one of the most common behaviors in dogs (because they love food, like most humans), and it’s the discipline issue that most owners find themselves trying to deal with. If you are struggling with how to discourage begging from your dog whether it be in the kitchen or at the dinner table, read on! With a little will power on your end (denying that absolutely adorable little face that looks like it hasn’t eaten in months) and some patience, your dog will stop begging and behave while your family eats a meal.


Do not give in to that precious little face with the big eyes and cute head tilt. When your dog is begging, the worst thing to do is encourage the behavior by giving them food. It will not make them then disappear, happy with the morsel they received, it will make them beg more and more because they now know that they have been successful before. Though food is a sign of affection for both humans and canines, food should be withheld when your dog is begging so as not to encourage inappropriate behaviors.

Ignore that precious little face with the big eyes and cute head tilt. Though this seems the same as just not giving your dog food, it’s not. When your dog is begging, it’s easier to withhold the food and just give them lots of love instead, but this still encourages begging. Your dog knows that with all that love, they might eventually convince you to feed them. By ignoring your pooch completely (I know, hardest thing in the world), they will slowly but surely get the hint that they are not getting treated.

Don’t feel sorry for that precious little face with big eyes and cute head tilt. You dog knows that you love him, and you know that your dog is well-fed because you are the one that places that bowl of delectable dog food in front of his face every day! Your dog is not going to starve if he is denied that one little morsel of food on your plate, and he will not love you any less if you don’t give it to him, I promise!


Use discipline and be patient with that precious little face with the big eyes and cute head tilt. Once you’ve followed all of these steps, you have to be consistent with your pooch and make sure that he knows that this whole no begging thing is for real and for always. Of course there are occasions when we want to treat our furry friends, but make sure to treat him in a location away from the kitchen or table and/or put the food in his bowl. Your dog will know from here on out that table begging does not reap any benefits, and the behavior will cease. Be patient, this will take time, but with your consistency, the behavior will change. Make sure to alert guests and other family members to the way that this behavior is handled so that when someone is over for a meal they do not give in to the puppy dog eyes and cancel out all of your hard work.

Lucas is a big time beggar, and I am writing this very hypocritically, but I am a real world example of knowing what is right and doing something anyway. So join me on this journey if you have the same problem, and together we will mold more disciplined dogs who still have that precious little face with the big eyes and cute head tilt – just not at the table.

Alessia xx

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