How To Keep Dogs Warm in Winter

by Reena Bakir
keep dogs warm in winter

With the temperatures dropping and the weather quickly cooling down, many dog owners are becoming concerned about how to keep dogs warm in winter. Not only will you have to take the necessary precautions to keep yourself warm, but you’ll have to do the same for your dog as well! Your furry friend is just as affected by the cold as you, and it’s important to know how to keep your dog warm this winter to keep them healthy and satisfied.

Your pet will need to be kept warm both in the house and when going outside for walks, therefore essential steps must be taken to ensure that your dog is always protected from the cold! Read on to find out more on how to keep dogs warm in winter.

Understanding When It’s Too Cold

Before you begin to consider ways to keep your pooch warm, understanding the weather will go a long way in helping you understand the steps of action you need to take.

The general consensus is that dogs should be fine to step outside as long as the weather does not drop below 7°C, but it’s also favorable to consider your dog’s fur type and breed, as many short-hair breeds are much less able to withstand cold than their long-haired cousins.

Where They Sleep

keep dogs warm in winter

An important step in figuring out how to keep your canine cosy this winter is to consider where your dog is spending the night. If your dog usually sleeps outside in the warmer months, it might not be the greatest experience when temperatures begin to drop! It is suggested that you find a warm place indoors for your dog to spend the night during the wintertime, especially since most dog breeds are not made to withstand freezing temperatures.

Sometimes, even if your pet is sleeping indoors, you’ll still have to take a few extra steps to guarantee their warmth! Here’s how:

  • Thick, soft blankets. Nothing says warm and cosy like a bunch of soft thick blankets! Get your pet a soft wool, fleece or faux fur blanket for their bed to ensure that they have something to snuggle in to and avoid the cold. Sometimes, wrapping the blankets around your pet will make them settle into a warm even better
  • A source of heat. Turning on an extra source of heat will also help, especially if your house is prone to keeping the cold in. In-house heating and radiators will go a long way in keeping the entire house cosy.

Add An Extra Layer!

how to keep dogs warm in winter

When you do find that the weather is safe for dogs to go outside, more precautions still need to be taken! Adding an extra layer of clothes will greatly help in keeping  your dog warm and safe from the cold. Here are some cosy products that are sure to help!

  • Jackets and coatsPerfect for rainy or snowy weather, jackets and coats will protect your dog from getting wet and simultaneously keep their bodies warm. Most jackets are made to be waterproof, and many are lined with wool, faux fur, cotton and fleece to make sure your dog’s body is always warm.
  • Scarves. A scarf is great for keeping a dog’s neck warm!
  • Sweater and jumpers. These cute pieces of clothing are perfect for taking your dog out for a walk on a chilly day. Coming in many designs and fabrics, sweater and jumpers will definitely keep your pet warm.

You’re All Set

With the important steps taken to keep your dog protected from the cold, you’re all set to face the winter with your pooch!

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