How To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Summer

by Reena Bakir
keep your dog cool

With the scorching heat levels rising by the day in the UK, as well as many other places around the world, it’s important to remember to keep your dog cool since your canine friends are easily prone to suffering the consequences of this fiery weather, especially if left outside and without the appropriate shelter or water! Keeping your dog cool during this blazing summer heat is essential to keeping them healthy, and avoid a heatstroke or dehydration.tHere are general methods as well as specific products that could help keep your dog cool during this hot summer! At Chelsea Dogs, we have a range of products dedicated especially to keeping your pooch cool and comfortable no matter the weather! Check them out at our store here, and continue reading for special tips as well as our favorite picks of the bunch!

Tips to keep your dog cool

keep your dog coolBefore you look into the special products dedicated to keeping your dog cooled off during these long hot summer months, it is essential to follow basic general tips to ensure that your dog doesn’t suffer the effects of the heat!

  • Keep your dogs indoors. With the rising temperatures reaching record highs in the past week, even offering a shaded shelter cannot always save your dog from the heat. Keep your dogs indoors for most hours of the day and supervise them when outdoors. Moreover, make sure your house remains chilled and cool, whether by turning on the fan or an air condition or even opening the window for a breeze.
  • Limit exercise and walks outdoors. The only thing worse than basking in this heat is to walk or run under the hot sun. Try to limit your dog’s walks during this time to avoid the risks of heat strokes or dehydration!
  • Make sure water is always available. Make sure your dog’s water bowls are always filled, because you can guarantee your dog will be one thirsty canine in this hot weather. Adding ice cubes into the water or replace with cool water frequently. Turning on sprinklers or hoses every once in a while to cool your dog off can also help!
  • Invest in cooling products. Sometimes, even with the necessary precautions, dogs can still be at risk during heatwaves. Therefore, investing in dog cooling products, such as cooling harnesses and cooling pads, can contribute greatly to helping your dog through the heat!

Doodlebone Neo-Flex Cooling Dog Harness

keep your dog coolDesigned to keep your dog chilled on their summer walks, this neo-flex cooling harness by Doodlebone can be soaked in water before and throughout your walks and will act as a cooling harness for your dog! Made from soft and stretchy neoprene, the fabric of this harness is perfect for comfort and cooling. The weight of the harness also spreads across your dogs body rather than centering on the dog or any pressure points, making walks more comfortable and offering you more control over your dog.

Henry Wag Pet Cool Mat

keep your dog coolThis innovative gel mat by Henry Wag is made to to keep your dog cool by drawing heat from their bodies. The mat stays slightly lower than your pet’s body temperature, and thus provides a refreshing relief during these hot summer months. The mat can be used anywhere in the house, in your dogs bed or create or even outdoors, and is lightweight, puncture-resistant and durable!

Looking for more?

Looking for similar products to keep your dog cool? Visit our store here and find the perfect pick for your canine to keep them satisfied, comfortable and chilled!

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