How to PROPERLY Calculate Your Dog’s Age in Human Years

by Melissa Keen

Figuring out your dogs “human age” may be more tricky than first thought!

Researchers from the University of California say the old technique of your dog’s age X7 is “a myth”.

They’ve figured out a new formula to decide the relative age of your dog to a human – and it’s based on the rate molecules are added to DNA.

Dogs can live from between 6 – 7 years for larger dogs, and up to 18 for smaller breeds. Different breeds have different physiological trajectories. Despite this, researchers have found similarities in the timings of major milestones between dogs and humans, particularly when a dog and human of a similar age were compared.

Research also showed that there are points when a dog’s clock didn’t match a humans, like during their puberty when dogs mature much faster than a human.

@Tina Wang/University of California
@Tina Wang/University of California

The new formula is based on the epigenetic clock. To discover your pups “true” human age, you must find the natural logarithm of their age, then multiply that by 16 and add 31 to the total.

You can use this tool online to calculate the natural logarithm – just add your dog’s age to get the correct number.

E.G. If your dog is 7, it’s natural logarithm is 1.9459. Times this by 16 (31 when rounded up). Then add 31 = 62 years old in “human years”.

While much more complicated, researchers are sure this new method is far more accurate than the old one!

This research has been published on BioRxiv.

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